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July 16th
3:17 AM

The Book of Baseball Literacy: 3rd Edition for Kindle, Nook, iBooks

The Book of Baseball Literacy: 3rd Edition

The latest update of my magnum opus is now available. The Book of Baseball Literacy has been called “thoroughly enjoyable” (Booklist), “Instructive and fun” (Chicago Sun-Times), and “a must for any serious baseball library” (Seth Swirsky). The latest edition expands on the original with more depth, more stories, and more opinions — and it includes all the important events of the past decade.

It’s available as an ebook edition exclusively for Amazon Kindle for just $2.99 and as a print edition for $14.95.

Visit the official web page.

See book reviews from USA Today and others.

Read excerpts from the book.

Buy Kindle ebook from Amazon for just $2.99

Buy print edition from Amazon for just $14.95

Watch the book trailer:

July 15th
2:58 AM

99¢ ebook for kids about Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente


This short ebook aimed at young readers tells the stories of two of the most famous and most important players in baseball history—how they overcame difficult challenges and, through the force of their will and determination, became more than just great athletes. They also became honest-to-goodness heroes. The ebook is aimed at young readers who are just learning about baseball history and want to find out about two of its most significant figures. It’s also perfect for parents who want to read to their children about players who exemplify what it means to persevere, show courage, and achieve a greater purpose.

Just 99¢. Buy it now for Amazon Kindle.

2:47 AM

99¢ Ebook for Sophisticated Fans


Can a baseball manager construct a perfect lineup that maximizes each batter’s skills, minimizes their deficiencies, and squeezes every last ounce of offense out of his batting order? That’s the question examined in my new ebook, Baseball Detective: Unraveling the Mystery of the Batting Order. This short book surveys the latest research on this fascinating topic, including computer simulations from academic researchers and real-life examples from the past two decades. If you’ve ever wondered whether you could do better than your local team’s manager, you must read this book.

Just 99¢. Buy it now for Amazon Kindle.

July 12th
1:27 PM

Statistics Lessons

Lesson 1: What’s an on-base percentage?

This stat should have replaced batting average as the basic unit of measure for offensive players because it simply and concisely measures the most important element of being a hitter: getting on base.

Lesson 2: What is sabermetrics?

Sabermetrics is the study of baseball using advanced statistics to analyze the game. We’ll examine what it means and why it’s controversial.

Lesson 3: What’s an earned run average (ERA)?

As the basic statistical measure of a pitcher, ERA determines the average number of earned runs scored against a pitcher every nine innings.

July 10th
1:23 PM

Book Reviews

Read a full-length book reviews written by David H. Martinez of the following books:

License to Deal: A Season on the Run with a Maverick Sports Agent
  by Jerry Crasnick

A fascinating look at a part of baseball that, surprisingly, gets very little attention.

Summer of ‘49
 by David Halberstam

Exhaustively researched, the book is full of stories and facts and insights that will surprise and delight both the casual and the most relentless student of baseball history.